Fully implement the Career and Technical Education mandate

Kids stay in school when they see how school gives them a path to a successful future.  Studies have shown that students in CTE programs stay in school, graduate, and get good jobs (and often go on to college too).  Salem-Keizer has been a leader in CTE, but there is more that we can do to make sure that all students have access to the program that prepare them for a successful future.

Expand school mentorship programs

Caring mentors helped me get where I am today so I know how valuable guidance from a trusted adult can be. Mentoring shouldn't just be for "at-risk" students - there are many students who can benefit from the perspective of an adult interest in their future.

Support comprehensive counseling and mental health services

Improve communication - value community input

One of the things I learned on the District's boundary task force as how often parents felt that their voices weren't heard at the district level, and disconnected from decisions affecting their children and their schools.  Communication in a district as large as Salem-Keizer is hard, but it can improve if there are more board members who understand first-hand the challenges that parents and students face, and whose highest priority is understanding what students need to succeed.

"We can increase graduation rates if we don't let any student fall through the cracks."
Listening, listening, listening!


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